A Killer in the Family

We were always a close family. Nobody would ever have suspected that there would be a cold-blooded killer among us. My mom, Rose Christopherson was an intended victim. So was my sister, Mabel, my Aunt Fern , and several of my cousins. My beloved sister, Mary Ann, wasn't able to escape its grasp and died a few years ago after fighting valiantly for her life. The killer that stalks us is breast cancer. Although I have dodged breast cancer so far, I am also a cancer survivor. I am always aware that my life depends on being alert, proactive, and always on the lookout for our enemy. As my family felt its savage presence, I became more and more angry. Finally, when my sweet old dog Pokey died from breast cancer, I began to fight back with everything I have in me. Cancer is a worthy opponent, but I truly believe that if we band together to battle it, we will beat it. I have channeled my anger and my energy into an effort that began as a grassroots movement. Bowling 4 the Cure was founded eight years ago as an organization dedicated to raising money for cancer research. Over the years, we have grown, and our annual Bowl-a-Thon -- held the first Sunday of October at Lakeview Lanes in Sun City -- is an event that is supported enthusiastically by the public. This year we raised $10,000 that was matched by A Greater Good, for a total impact of $20,000 of research at Mayo's. There are many, many families in the community trying to rid themselves of a deadly foe. Bowling 4 the Cure is devoted to doing whatever it can to helping find the right weapon to bring it down once and for all. Peggy@bowling4thecure.com
Peggy Bowers Founder of Bowling 4 The Cure
Glendale, AZ