A tough old bird!

My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 40 in the early 50's. She had a radical mastectomy and was left with a very ugly scar and a concave right chest. She went on to volunteer for the A.C.S.visiting in-home other women who had gone through the same thing, plus working full time and raising my sister and myself. At the age of 60 she was diagnosed with colon cancer and had surgery, again she came through beautifully and went back to work for awhile. She had many, many hospital stays, but not for cancer. She died on July 10, 2002. But not from cancer! In 2002 she started having problems with her heart and finally got the sleep she wanted. After 1 of her surgeries a nurse commented on all her many surgeries and hospitalizations and told her that my Mom was a," Tough old bird!". She was 1 mon. short of her 87th. birthday! My Mom is my hero and because of her I never forget to have my mammo. Lonnie Crisp
Lonnie Crisp
Jenison, MI