A true "Angel" on Earth...My Mom!

My mom is a two time Breast Cancer Survivor, I have told her from the first day she was told she had breast cancer from that day forward she is a SURVIVOR! She had a double masectomy, has endured Chemotherapy, and is now is the phase of Reconstructive Surgery. Through all of her trials, she has remained strong she is a true Angel to me, she is MY strength, she has made me and my girls the women we are today, I am grateful and thankful to have such a wonderful woman as my Mom! Bringing recognition to this horrible disease and to bring HOPE to just one who is fighting the same battle, I know that HOPE is a very important part to recovery. What an amazing testament my mom is to "HOPE". She walks this road with courange and strength to carry all of us, not once worrying about herself. For that I am humbled. To my mom....You are my True Angel on Earth....I love you!
Sharon Fleming
Port St Lucie, FL