A yearly regular mammogram and monthly self breast exam a must!

A yearly regular mammogram and monthly self breast exam is the way to find breast cancer. If I depended on the results of a digital mammogram that was a "follow up" to my yearly mammogram, and a sonogram that I had in 2008, I would still have an undiagnosed metastasizing breast tumor. Both procedures could not find lump. I was told to repeat in 12 months, and 6 months respectively. I thought I was cancer free. Guess again. On a yearly mammogram a lump was found under my left nipple. I had missed it during my monthly breast exams. Once I knew where it was I kept track of it. It never changed size, but it did metastasized and cause pain in my left breast. It was because of my monthly breast exams that I had a surgical biopsy done. Six months had passed since the lump was seen on yearly mammogram. The breast cancer was already in the sentinel lymph nodes when I had my cancer surgery. Ten nodes were removed and were negative. Self monthly breast exams should be stressed on this site.
St. Charles, MO