After 7 years free...Round 2

My name is Sharon and I am a 7 yr survivor. In 2001 I ran the gauntlet including a stem cell transplant. I worked for a Dr who did not provide health care for his staff. He told me to take vit. E and that it was probably nothing! In 2 months the pea size lump grew to 9 cm's and invaded my lymph system resulting in modified radical with removal of 19 axillary lymph nodes, red devil chemo, radiation and a stem cell transplant! all because I missed a mammogram.. I was a few months late for my mammogram in 2008, I felt it more important to take care of wounded and sick family members. After 7 1/2 years its back!!! On May 18th 2009 I had my 2nd modified radical and am waiting to find out if i need chemo. God willing I will continue to be a survivor. The moral of this story is DONT PUT OFF MAMMOGRAMS!!!!! for any reason. Bless all my survivor sisters, fallen sisters and thier caregivers.
Sharon Kemerley
Oklahoma City, OK