All About Breast Cancer

I am all about breast cancer as I am a 4 year survivor. How wonderful it is to be alive and able to tell and support others as they go through the different stages of being told they have breast cancer on through the surgery and therapy. When doing my clicks each day, I see the other tabs along side of the breast cancer (hunger, child health,literacy, rainforest, and animal rescue). These represent a large need as well as the breast cancer. I do give more clicks each day to the breast cancer site than the others as I do about 5 clicks on each of the other sites after having clicked on the breast cancer site. It takes so little time and can make a huge difference to each of the causes represented. I would encourage each of you to consider clicking on each of the other tabs when doing your clicking for breast cancer. As survivors or supporters, we are so fortunate to be able to still make our voices heard through these daily clicks.
San Antonio, TX