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Always have HOPE

I was only 24 years old and diagnosed with breast cancer, just got divorced from a very abusive marriage and a 3 year old, this was a huge set back in my life. I lost my marriage the previous year, my breast the next year and also my ovaries and womb in the same year after my heart stopped during my chemotherapy. Only my child by my side and my one friend I had to go through this terrible time. Eventually I decided no to let this be the end of me and I stand up and decided to fight this fight not only for myself but also for my 3 year old daughter. She was my motivation, my hope, my strength and my only reason for living at that stage. I got through the chemo, through the mastectomy, the hysterectomy and also lost my job but all it was worth while at the old end as I recovered, find a job and is still in remission for more than 21 years already. My vision was to live from one highlight to the other, from seeing her go to school, then High school, then matric dance, university, graduation, marriage and also to meet my grandchild. So far I was so blessed to see and experience this all by the Grace of God and He never let me do this on my own, he was waking with me side by side and holding my hand and gave me HOPE to carry on. After my heart stopped for 4 minutes and i was resuscitated I promised myself that I will never again give up as God gave me another chance and I have to live life.

Kowie Erasmus
Roodepoort Gauteng, South Africa