Amazed & numb

On 12-23-08 I had a mammo & ultrasound, and about 7-10 days later I received word that everything was fine, so I put everything out of my mind...About a month ago the clinic called and left a message on my voicemail telling me I needed to schedule a follow-up with a gynecologist to have the pea-size lump in my left breast checked, and my world hasn't been the same since. Apparently the mammo/ultrasound didn't show anything but the manual exam did, but she never told me that she felt something. So I go in Monday April 13th at 8am to have a biopsy to find out exactly what I'm dealing with. This has made me realize what's important and what isn't...For me it's all about family and friends, love and loyalty, my relationship with my Higher Power, my little dog Doodles... Thanks for allowing me to share my story, may each of you be richly and abundantly blessed...
Robin R. Medlock-Hurst
Salem, IN