I am delighted to boast 11 years cancer free! I went for a mammogram with an innate feeling that something was wrong. No lumps but a "funny feeling" in the right breast nipple area. I experienced a "pulling or drawing" dull aching sensation of the right breast. The mammogram showed "normal" no disease. Being a nurse, I was persistent, and asked for an ultrasound. BINGO. Ductal cancer insitu after a "core" biopsy completed. All of the milk ducts were involved. The lumpectomy would have been too disfiguring since it involved all of the milk ducts. I had a mastectomy/reconstructive OR the same day (11 hr surg.) Today I am fine and most grateful to all those who helped in my care....YOU KNOW YOUR BODY THE BEST, SO SPEAK UP. If you are in error, SO BE IT. You have every thing to gain.....LIFE.
Sally Hudson
Wilmette, IL