Be Thankful for the Little Things

Life has a way of slowing us down and helping us reflect on the important things. At the age of 33, I thought I had seen and been thru enough to know what life was about, but little did I know. After being 6 months late for a routine physical, I decided to fit time into my schedule to visit my doctor. I was expecting a 30 minute visit with no problems to discuss. This was before my doctor found a mass on my left breast. I knew it was not my regular cystic problem by the look on his face. Before I knew what was happening, I had my first mammogram, ultrasound, and a lumpectomy. I was diagnosed with stage 2 receptor positive breast cancer. It would be a month before I would know just how bad things could get. I lost all of my hair from one chemotherapy visit, which resulted in wearing wigs for 9 months. For some reason, that was worse than the constant bone pain that chemo caused ! In many ways, it was like a punishment for having cancer. I later would undergo 7 weeks of radiation, followed by a total hysterectomy. Thankfully, cancer was not detected in my ovaries, as suspected. It was at that point I realized how to be thankful for the little things. I have been cancer free for a little over a year now. I've learned that I cannot save the world, but can definately do my part to let other young and older women know how important yearly physicals are. Please do not get too busy to take care of yourself! God Bless!
Suzanne Usry
Americus, GA