Beating Breast Cancer

2010 my Sister was Diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma & Oct2012 she lost her battle leaving behind her 3 young boys. Never once did I think 2 years later I would have a battle of my own. Aug. 2014 when applying body lotion on my left breast I felt a lump, called my Nurse Practitioner, she too could feel the lump which appeared like a cyst & due to me being low risk & my age. My Husband & I enjoyed our 20 year anniversary. During this time my gut was telling me different, I felt obsessed with this lump. Went back to the NP mid Sept, She then sent a Urgent Requisition for a screening.Had the screening,2 biopsy's,bone scan,CT Scan & PET Scan. It felt like a whirl wind of appointments, barely time to think. Mid Oct. with my Husband by my side we met with the NP to go over the pathology reports, as suspected the worst news you want to hear, Breast cancer, Invasive Ductal Carcinoma, Grade 3, ER+ PR & HER2 -, Shed a few tears with the initial shock, flashed memory's of my Sister & wondered how do I tell the Family. Surgery booked for November 26, I knew I was going to do everything I could, I had so much left to live for. Left breast removed, all 22 lymph nodes, the lump was 6.5cm & one tumor forming lymph node, 7 other nodes had cancerous cells.The margins were clear & hadn't spread, thankfully. 8 chemo, 4 A/C,4 taxol, last on May 19, 28 treatments of radiation June 22th-July 30th. My Son & Nephew both graduate high school,& radiation in June,a busy beginning to my Summer,end July we can start the completion of breast reconstruction. My Journey has changed my life,I look forward to enjoying each & every day, I can bring awareness to my Daughter that she can pass onto our 2 Granddaughters. I won the lottery finding this breast cancer, I am alive.Thank you to all you Wonderful People for you stories, they've all been so inspirational,& thank you for hearing my Journey.
Logan Lake, Canada