Believe in LIFE and everything is possible!

I was 30 in 2011 when I felt there was something wrong with me...I went from doctor to doctor, they always said I was stressed only. My "voice inside" said it was something more serious. In 2008 I had a dream of a doctor telling me I had cancer in my left breast so I needed an immediate mastectomy...that time I went to have it checked but they did not find anything. Anyway, I went to a mammogram again after finding a small nodule in my left breast. After the scan and ultrasound they made a biopsy. My dream came true... A week later they told me I had cancer in my left breast! It seemed to be impossible... I was in a half-year happy realtionship with my love that time (He is still beside me and we love each other so much!), I had been dreaming of wedding, children, happiness...but at that minute I had only one thing in my mind - I must survive for my dreams, for myself, for my future children, for my loved ones! I will win, I have to win, no other options! A week later I was over the first operation - cancer had spread all over my left side so I needed a mastectomy as soon as possible. I decided to have my right breast removed also and that was the best decision of my life! I wanted to be safe for the future! I thought: "this is the task to solve now, so let's do it!" After a bunch of chemos, radiation, hormone therapy and 4 operations I am totally healthy and I am just having my last, final reconstruction on 24th February 2015!:-) With the help of God, my loved ones, especially with my Man:-), my super doctors nothing seemed to be impossible! You always have to be positive and belive in Your stregths and in the strength of love! Also, You have to learn the task why God made You go through this path! Listen to the voice of Your body! Believe in LIFE and everything is possible! :-)
Esztergom, Hungary