Biggest challenge of my life !

My name is Angelia Bidwell and I was diagnosed August 15th with stage 111A breast cancer.The 30th of August ,I had a lumpectomy and they took out nine of my lymph nodes,which there were seven that were positive.The size of my tumor was 1.3cm .Surgical margins were negative.I had the Her-2/neu protein,which is a verying aggressive cancer. I went to see my oncologist the 11th of September and I had my first cemo treatment the 19th of September.I had to do 3 months of Adriamycin & Cytoxan .Then I did 3 months of Taxol with Herceptin. I also had to have 36 treatments of radiation. Going threw breast cancer made me a better and stronger person today. It made me realize how much of my life I wasted on things ,that really didn't matter.If it wasn't for my mom and GOD I wouldn't have made it threw. I prayed everyday and had to call my mom everyday,so she could reinsure me that I would be fine. I also have to give credit to my oncologist and the oncologist nurses,also the lady that mixed my drugs ,so I could recieve the life saving medcine I needed. The most important person I thank is GOD his self, for giving me hope and faith to carry on and to know I will be a survivor. This is to all the women of the world who may have to go threw breast cancer. There is hope and you can beat this disease and be a survivor like me!
Angelia Bidwell
New Blaine, AR