Blessings from a cat

I was diagnosed with Stage 1B breast cancer at age 37. The lump was discovered when I felt a sharp pain when my loving cat Heysoos walked across my chest as I was resting in bed. Before I could catch my breath again, it seemed, I was into the doctor's office, had a lumpectomy, and was sititng in a chair receiving chemotherapy treatment. The blur of those days between being diagnosed, having surgery, having bone scans, having sentinal node dianostics and surgery, before finally having the "luxury" of sitting for the chemo drip, is something unlike any other experience. I honor my friend Betsy, who was diagnosed at 37 a year before me, and my friend Marjo, who was diagnosed at age 29. If you are under 40 and have not had a mammogram, please do it. You are important to the people and animals in your world. I have been cancer free for 6 years, and I lost my loving Heysoos to his own cancer 2 years ago, but I still bless him for finding my lump so I can rescue more cats in his memory.

Takoma Park, MD