Breast Cancer is not just a woman's thing!

Around Memorial Day weekend in 2005 we were laying around not doing much of anything when my husband asked me to feel "something" he felt in his breast. We both concluded it was probably just an ingrown hair but it never went away. In July, he had a needle biopsy and some lymph nodes removed. Needless to say on August 1st (our wedding day) we got the call that it was indeed breast cancer. By the middle of August he had a mastectomy and began a very agressive treatment of chemotherapy. Radiation treatment followed. Although all of this was difficult, two things happened that were uncomfortable - the day a nurse walked into his room (with chart in hand) and asked how "Mrs. Cramer" was doing, and that all of the wonderful items that were given to him (pillow, tote bag, t-shirt - really wonderful donations) were all pink. The only point I am making is that breast cancer is not just a woman's thing. I lost my older sister to breast cancer, my little sister to soft tissue sarcoma and my best friend to lung cancer. I will not lose my husband! It has been three years now and in four more he will be declared a survivor! I can not wait for that day.
Sherry Cramer
Denver, NC