Breast cancer=loss of breast, but NOT faith or humor!

I went to my GYN Dr,"I have pain in my left breast." After a very brief exam,handed me a "Routine" mammo script,knowing I have a strong family history of BC,and said, "Get this done within the year. I'm more concerned about your bone density since you have been on the Depo shot for 5 yrs." She handed me a "Bone Density Scan" script and ordered it ASAP.Went the next day to a Mammo Office for the BDS and met my first Angel.I handed her my BDS script and by the Grace of God, handed her my "Routine" mammo script. She asked if I was having any "lumps,bumps,or pain." Me:"Yes, in my left breast." Her:"This says Routine." Me:"Yes, but GYN isn't concerned." Her:"Well, I AM!" She proceeded to call my GYN, "let her have it," and had a "Diagnostic" mammo script faxed within seconds! Her:"Honey, you are getting your Mammo today and if they find anything, you will go straight across the hall to US." So,I was whisked across to US, but she was looking at my Right breast, telling me,"It's only a fibroid.It's nothing to worry about." 1 week later,laying on a biopsy table,I was told, "No, this is no fibroid, this is 100% Cancer."Went to a surgeon to be told, "Yes, this is cancer, but everything will have to wait while I go on vacation for 3 weeks." It was time to FIGHT and PRAY! New Dr's=mastectomy/reconstruction.Faith, family, friends, and humor made it all possible to endure! Do not let Dr's run you over or mess around with your life! FIGHT&PRAY&LAUGH DAILY! I'm living proof it works!
Greer, SC