Breast Cancer, My Journey

I was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in October 2014 from a routine mammogram. I was very shocked because I had not expected this. The lump was so deep that even the doctor couldn't feel it, but it was clear to see on both the mammogram and the ultra sound. Everything felt surreal, like it was happening to someone else, it was such a massive thing for my brain to process. I had a lumpectomy and several lymph nodes removed in November, which revealed clear margins – they’d got all of the cancer. I began my 6 sessions of chemotherapy treatment in December, I still have 4 to go, which will be followed by 15 sessions of radiotherapy. I was told that with this type of chemo I would definitely lose my hair, so I started looking at head wear options on various web sites, and came across some amazing women who filled me with ideas and inspiration. When my hair started to fall out I decided to take control, cancer was not going to take my hair, so I booked in at my local salon and had it all shaved off. The hairdresser was fantastic, we laughed at many anecdotes regarding hair loss and wigs, and he only charged me £5 for my ‘buzz cut.’ Cancer has changed me as a person. I no longer worry about the little things in life. I’m seeing the world through new eyes, like the winter sky and all its beauty. The dark nights that illuminate all the stars. I look at women with renewed awe and respect, because it’s down to them running races, baking cakes etc. that make breast cancer a little easier to bear, and I feel like never before the love of my family.
Catherine Meeson
Leeds, United Kingdom