Breast Cancer Survivor!

My name is Tracy, I am 38 years old. I was laying down one day and had an itch in between my breast, closer to the right side. I felt this little lump and didn't think it was always there. I even called my ex-boyfriend to see if he ever found a lump there, he said no. So went to my doctors, they did all their tests. On Valentines' Day in 2005 I was at work, my doctor called and told me I was positive for breast cancer. I just went to my boss and cried, left work and drove around. I can't even remember who I told first, I have a very bad memory. Well I had surgery to have the lump removed and some lymph nodes removed, luckily it hadn't spread. I had to do all kinds of chemo. Didn't get too sick, but did lose all my hair. I did radiation and have one more year of taking Tamoxifen. I will have been in remission for 4 years come September 6th. I now have this phobia that soon I'll be diagnosed with some other kind of cancer and die within months. Seems to be what happens a lot. I am a single mother, I have a 10 year old daughter whom I raised all by myself. She had a really hard time when I lost my hair, I think it freaked her out. I always had my head covered so she wouldn't see my bald head. But we got through it! I will be having the genetic gene testing come Monday July 20th, 2009. Which is good for the sake of my daughter, but still scary at the same time. Thanks for letting me share most of my story... And I can't wait to read yours...
Murray, UT