Breast Cancer Survivor

I felt a lump in 2010 but when it didn't want to go away, I went to my gynecologist in January 2011 and sent me for surgery. I was 37 then. Feb and March I had 2 operations because it was stage 1 breast cancer in grade 3 already. After operations I went through 6 chemo therapy and just after that 6 weeks of radiation. No breasts removed, only cut out. I was also told I'm not allowed to fall pregnant because I got hormonal cancer for which I have to take Tamoxifen everyday. Just 6 weeks ago I went for a full hysterectomy. I thank God for all the support from friends and family, and giving me a lovely understanding husband who I married to 4 Oct 2014. Not one of us got any kids but we grateful I'm still very much alive!!!
Chantal du Toit
Cape Town, South Africa