By the Grace of God

My daughter Stephanie, has survived Breast Cancer twice. She was 29 years old when she find a lump. After alot of test, they said she had Stage 4 Breast Cancer. It had spread to her Liver and Spine. No surgery this time. She had her 30th birthday not to long after that. Then she started 15 mouths of chemo. One week she would have chemo, the next week Herceptin. That went on for 15 mouths. Then she had a PET scan. It was clear! Only for 3 mouths. A mammogram / ultrasound showed a small lump. This time she had a lumpectomy, and 6 weeks of radiation treatments. She has a PET scan every 6 mo. now. She's 35 years old, and has been in remission for 3 years. By the Grace of God my daughter is still with us today.
Lewisport, KY