Cancer in My family

In August 2006, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Two weeks later my brother was diagnosed with Esphagus cancer. I was fortunate to have very early cancer not even a stage one yet. I only needed a lumpectomy and radiation and oral chemo. My brother lost his battle with cancer five months after his surgery. If I had not been getting yearly mammograms, I wouldn't have been so luclky. I can't stress enough the importance of them and of self exams each month. In April this year, my sister was diagnosed with rectal cancer. She had surgery and is getting radiation and chemo. Cancer does run in families so everyone get yearly exams. mammograms, and colonscopies as often as your doctor recommends. I'm a three year surviror and hopefully my sister will live many more years also. I also lost another brother to cancer in 2002.
Ruby Bush
Lancaster, OH