Cancer messed with the wrong Bit*h

Was diagnosed February 2014 with stage 3 inflammatory breast cancer.The adventure started with my left breast swelling to the size of a small basketball.Went to my doctors in November 2013, was sent for mammogram results negative (nothing to worry about as per technician). Back to doctors,send a referral to the Breast Clinic. Three months before I could get in, didn't want to wait that long. Decided to visit emergency department, nurse practitioner was the first to take a blood sample results no infection, suspected something more serious. Contacted the breast clinic to get the appointment moved up to a sooner date, rescheduled within one week. Still not satisfied another emergency department. Emergency doctor ordered ultra sound came back negative, couldn't see anything. Remember him putting his hand on my knee and telling me his thoughts, they weren't great. He stated he thought it was Cancer but couldn't diagnose without more testing. Scheduled an ultra sound at local hospital on the following Monday. Technician couldn't see anything, wanted to go a step further and decided to schedule a biopsy. Waited 2 hours before biopsy could be performed. My wonderful husband was there by my side holding my hand throughout whole experience. Seen breast doctor on Friday, got news Inflammatory Breast Cancer Stage 3. A day I will never forget. Started chemo April 2014, 8 rounds of chemo, last day (August 27, 2014) . A double mastectomy with reconstruction surgery, 25 rounds of radiation began on November 12, 2014 and ended December 17, 2014. Cancer free! I won't have been able to complete this journey without the incredible support system, my wonderful husband, my sons, my wonderful sisters and family close and far. My work family that were understanding and supportive allowing my husband time needed to take care of me.
Angela Plesniarski
Winnipeg, Canada