Car accident saved me

I was 39 when I had a car accident in August 2013. A driver went into me and I had whiplash and seatbelt bruising on my breast. A month later I went to the doctor as I discovered a lump deep in my breast. She suspected it was a blood clot or damaged breast tissue but referred me to have a mammo. The specialist suspected the same and I had to wait another week for a mammo. When I had the mammo I was called next door for ultrasound and then a biopsy still thinking it's all because of the accident. A week later I had to go back for results with devastating news. An Invasive ductal carcinoma grade 2 hormone positive 5-7cm. Lymph glands positive. The breast specialist offered me 5 months chemo first to reduce size of lump and lumpectomy which failed to remove margin, so then I was told I had to have a mastectomy. I opted to have both removed with immediate reconstruction followed by 3 weeks radiotherapy and 10 years tamoxifen. My babies kept me going through my tough treatment and now Ive been given the clear. I'm thankful to my husband friends and family who supported me and the stories from others that gave me support and hope.
Torquay, United Kingdom