Christmas day 2012

I remember when my mom ask me to go with Her to the doctor and I said yes, she had surgery that day because she said they found a knot in her breast. I was naive at the time and I didn't want to accept that my mom may have cancer, well after her surgery she started getting sick and I decided to put in a leave of absent from my job so I could take care of my mom. I moved her in my apartment and bath and feed her like she was a infant baby, well on Christmas eve my sister came over to sit with my mom so I could get a break, see we would take turns caring for her so I left and when I came back it was 12 which made it Christmas day and I walked upstairs and I sit in this chair I had in her room I put on some soothing music and she looked over at me and smile and that's when she took her last breath. I don't think I would ever get over that smile she gave me, she waited until I came back home to take her last breath.
Catherine tyler
Louisville, KY