Christmas Gift to Myself

Hello there, my name is Edythe (Edie) Kline Bellocchio, my Christmas present was the dredded phone call, "yes it's positive. It's CANCER in my right breast. All I thought was I have to do something, I need to be here for my children (34, 29, & 17 years old) plus my grandsons! As I'm thinking about what to do, my breasts did their jobs, I nursed all 3 of my children and I'm 56 & not going to have anymore so, let's do a mastectomy (a double) to get rid of the big "C" on 1/21/2016 I had the double mastectomy done, and had expanders put in for reconstruction.. I just had the expanders removed, implants put in. I then went for my post op Drs visit, & good to go!( nipples will be tattooed in November) I'm with my sister Lenore who I met 33 years ago ( upstairs neighbors) and away to Victoria Secrets, I was measured and tried on so many bras, bought 2 of the most push up bras that they had. I haven't seen my daughter & grandson since 7/7/2016 (went to Florida for summer and stayed with my first born) she saw me yesterday and said "Mom, Vavoom! You look fantastic, so here I am, 56yrs young with perky "ladies" & Cancer free!! Was it all worth it? You bet your sweet bumm it was!! I'm also a Girl Scout Leader (for over 30yrs) and my scouts and their parents went through it all with me! What a wonderful support team everyone was, doing the double mastectomy and having a few lymph nodes removed and not having to go through Chemotherapy treatments is priceless!!! My gift to myself was new Boobies, so I can be around for my children and my GSCOUTS and friends. If I had to do it over again I would still do what I had done, I'm ALIVE and Kicking & CANCER FREE. I'm BLESSED to have such POSITIVE people in my Life and discarded all the Negativity from my life! I'm looking for a Support Group now. ❤️Edie B
Edythe (Edie) Kline Bellocchio
Brooklyn, NY