Coping with & conquering breast cancer

I was thirty eight when I discovered a lump whilst under going I.V.F treatment in 1987. It was completely unexpected & meant my husband & I had to forgo the I.V.F & I had to go through two operations & six weeks of radiotherapy. With the help of John & all my friends & relatives I got through it all. All progressed well until April 1989 when the Cancer returned & I had to have a Mastectomy,and Chemotherapy which at the age of forty I was devastated & gave a lot of clothes away especially any thing low cut. It took me much longer to recover from the cancer this time, but thanks to my network of friends & professionals I coped and though we could never have children, my life restarted again & I have made the most of every day since. Also I was very fortunate to have a top Oncologist in a top London hospital. I am now nearly sixty & have been free from Cancer since & continue with regular check up.
Lynne Swallow
Harlow, Essex, United Kingdom