couldn't be Cancer just calsfications

I am a 3 yr b-cancer survivor in 2005 I was diagnosed with cancer my husband was laid off my oldest son left for Sc to teach and I thought it was a lump from caffenie , Well it wasn't I had a lumpectomy done and 13 lymph nodes removed chemo which I got very sick from but with the love of my family when I lost my hair my brother sons and husband shaved their heads it was hard to see them but they wanted to support me, both of my sons and my daughter in law are very involved in support groups my daughter in law ran the rely for life in North Dakota , One thing I want to share is never give up don't let the cancer win ! staying positive no matter what truly does help when I wanted to quit my family would say come on mom you are going to win my youngest son calls me wonder mom a magnet I keep on my frig, remember God is in charge with out faith we fall.
Pam Wagner
Weirton, WV