My beautiful niece Dee has been through so much in the last 4 plus years. She had her first ordeal with breast cancer 4 years ago at age 33 and now she has to battle it once again. She choose at age 37 to have a double masectomy. She is now undergoing chemo and has lost her hair for the second round! She is a loving devoted mommy of 6 kids 2 of them under the age of 10. I just ask for prayers for her full recovery and want to thanks her for being such a loving and brave woman. I wrote a pome about cancer and would like to share it... "Silent Killer!" It comes on with little to no warning; It strikes any age! It's not particular to your gender; Cancer, the silent killer! It hides in the crevices of ones body; It baffles the mind. It comes as quick as over night; Cancer, the silent killer! It has no cares; It survives on ones doom! It only brings gloom; Cancer, the silent killer! But with much research we can put an end to this silent killer wether it kills the hopes and dreams of those whom get it or even worse. Lets pray for a full cure for all!
Melinda T
San Diego, CA