do not believe most of the doctors

My doctor did not one, but two lumpectomis for what was an zero breast cancer. He mutilated my breast, twice. When I asked if I could have an implant, he merely said, and I quote his exact words, "why not just cut the other one off" Going through the "supposed" breast cancer situation, the radiation treatments every day, I really think that most of these doctors are just "cut-happy" Do you really think that if it were his wife he would say" let's cut the other one off" I went to a plastic surgeon for an implant.He told me that it would look normal again. He also lied. I have not been able to have any sexual relations with my husband since the surgery,because I feel that I am not the person that I was. The scar, physically and emotionaly has just ruined my life. I just want to warn anyone - DO NOT EVER GO TO A DOCTOR NAMED KADISON. HE IS AN UNCAREING AND JUST A CUT-HAPPY SURGEON. I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST,BECAUSE MY LIFE IS CRAP AFTER THIS ORDEAL. I must admit that my significant other took me for radiation treatments every morning for 8 weeks. I hope that you have someone to do that too. And I hope that you can let it go. I wish I could.
Maspeth, NY