Downwind Victim

My sweet mother always told us we would never have cancer because no one in our family had cancer. What a wonderful dream, but not true. Our own government gave her cancer. They had set up nuclear testing about 50 miles from our small town of Tonopah, Nevada. My brother even drove security trucks around the perimeter of the site and in the tunnels where the uranium was being tested and bombs exploded. My mother died when she was 80 years old after fighting cancer for three years. I helped her get a lawyer and made sure she had all the paperwork to send to the government to make sure she got all the fifty thousand dollars that they offered her for destroying her life. My brother died two years ago, with several causes for his death, and I am not sure if he had cancer or not, but he had a great deal of bad health problems. When we were in junior high school, in Tonopah during those tests (the above ground ones). We were taken out of classes to watch the mushroom cloud go over. I have been blessed, so far I do not have cancer.
Florence, OR