Early detection

I had routine mamograms every 6 months becaue they were watching a calcium deposit. however it wasn;t calcium and I was diagnosed with breast caner at 55. I was in the early stages and my cancer was a little less than 1/8". I never felt a lump, but they found it on my mamogram. I had 4 chemo tratments (last one May 27th) and I am getting ready to have 6 weeks of radiation. My treatments included a Nulasta shot which was suppose to help my cell count. The side effects from the shot were far worse than the side effects from the chemo. But I made it through with the help of alot of family and friends. I thank G-d that I had those mamograms becasue they saved my life. My wigs came from "alternative crowining". They were wonderful. They came to my house and cut my hair. They fitted me with my wigs (I have 8) and helped me through losing my hair. I never asked "Why me" becaue breast cancer doesn't discriminate. But I am alive and a survivor. I feel good, I am back to exercising and I am ready to contiue to live my life as full as I did before. I never considered myself a victim, I considered my cancer as a little inconvience.
Cheryl Linn
Woodstock, MD