English survivor who clicks for you.

I am a very lucky woman, I live in England so get free mamograms here. In 2007 I went for my 4 yearly mamogram in the local Tesco car park, we have mobile units here. As this is a normal procedure for me I thought no more of this until I received my results a few weeks later recalling me as the mamogram was inconclusive. Along I went with my sister & daughter for support. I still thought nothing of this I had no lumps, after several more mamograms they discovered that I had suspicious deposits in my milk glands, they did a core biopsy there and then and I was contacted the following Wednesday and told it was cancer and I needed a operation to remove this area. Within 6 weeks I had had my op, and been discharged, they just removed the infected area wiich was at the back of the breast and done on day surgery. I had 2 follw up appointments with the surgon and and cancer doctor and then 15 sessions of radiotherapy as a precautionary measure. They cannot tell if this type of cancer which in my case was non invasive would have ever turned into full blown breast cancer and I have agreed to take part in a more indepth study by supplying blood and access to my medical records to help future ladies. I now go for yearly mamograms for 5 years and keep my fingers crossed that I stay ALL CLEAR! I click for you every day as you have to pay for your mamograms. As I said I am one very lucky lady and want to help others so as long as this site exists & I am able, I shall click every day.
Jenny Damery
Bedfordshire, United Kingdom