Every Bit Helps

I lost both my mother and grandmother to breast cancer. Both were diagnosed at age 54. I believed I would have to deal with it but was surprised to be diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005 at age 40. I went through a full mastectomy and six months chemotherapy followed by a year of herceptin. Sadly in 2007 it spread to my spine. I went through radiation and chemo again as well as a spinal fusion surgery. I am still here today - fighting each day. I cherish every moment I have with my young children and my husband. Even with this terrible disease I know I am fortunate to be dealing with it in Canada where our health care pays much of the cost of my treatments. So I encourage all of my friends and family to click on your site and to purchase items - we know we are lucky to have free mamograms here and it is terrible to think that someone might have caught the disease in early stages but did not because they could not afford a mamogram. Mamograms should be free for all women - so until then I will click as often as I can and buy items from your site.
Ellen G
Ottawa, Canada