Everyone has an Angel!

I am 52 years young. When I was 35 years old and in Radiology school, I car pooled with a good friend. She pestered me everyday from the day I turned 35 to have my baseline mammography. After months of harrassment I had it done. they called me into their office and said that their was a cluster of calcifications and they should be biopsied. So I opted for a needle localization because I figured they would then be taking out the area. They did and the margins were clean, and it was insitu. I was followed for the next 2 years and with a mammo they found another cluster on the other breast. I was in Nuclear Medicine school at the time. It was biopsied and it was the same. At that point it was my choice to have bilateral mastectomies, I took a month off from school and did what I had to do. My son was only 4 and I was a single mother, and today I am a 15 year survivor. My angel was my friend who harped on me to have my mammo, and I loved her very much. She passed away last year from a very rare cancer that was hard to diagnose. by the time they did it was too late, but she fought and fought hard every day. I thank God for sending her to me. But I think that early detection is the key, so don't wait , go get the mammo. I work in Nuclear Medicine now and I do believe that I have been some of my patients Angel.
Manahawkin, NJ