I was 38 when I was diagnosed. I found my lump by myself and was told I had both ductal and lobular cancer in my right breast. I decided that a mastectomy was the way to go. I Don't regret my decision. I had a nipple-sparring mastectomy and my surgeons did a beautiful job. My cancer did not spread, and so I was told I would just need to take Tamoxifen. I also tested negative for any genetic genes. The reason why I wanted to write on here was to tell you that, I believe what happen to me was a blessing. It changed me into a better person. One day I went to a healing mass and discovered a wonderful devotion called the Divine Mercy! I encourage you to pray this wonderful, powerful prayer. Along with the Rosary! I pray everyday for all those with cancer and I believe trust in Jesus will save you!! God Bless!!!
new haven, CT