Family Support is so important....

In July of 2008 I found a lump in my left breast and on my husband's birthday, August 1, I was told that it was cancer....After 2 surgeries, chemotherapy, another surgery and then radiation, I was pronounced "benign"! I was blessed that mine actually hurt...pain is a great motivator! Without it, I don't think I would have sought help so quickly. I credit my recovery and my survivorship to the Lord Jesus Christ and my family. My husband was at every single procedure and every chemo treatment...He even had his hair closely cut and the breast cancer ribbon dyed into it for the time that I had no hair...My family was great and they supported and encouraged me through the entire process. My message is what they told me the first day I went to the Hope Cancer Treatment Center for Women in Asheville...."attitude, attitude, attitude"...until I went through it, I had no idea how important your thoughts are. If you are diagnosed, keep your chin up, trust in the Lord,keep a smile on your face and look for the good things that WILL come out of it....I had no idea how great my friends and family were until I had until this happened. At the end of my treatments, my family gave me a surprise birthday party to celebrate...everything was pink! My sister-in-law even made a cake with pink ribbons all over it! (The photo included is of me with my wonderful husband, Robin at Christmas during my chemo treatments.)
Wendi Gregg
Asheville, NC