Feeling Blessed

November 2013 my mammogram was good. November 4, 2014 my mammogram showed a suspicious mass in the right breast. The doctors wanted more X-rays and ultrasound. November 7, 2014 I had these done. They confirmed the mass. It was .07 centimeters. It was so small that even knowing where it was I could not feel it nor could the doctor. Thank God for mammograms. The doctor wanted a biopsy done. This was done November 20 and came back positive for Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. ER+ PR-. December 26, 2015 I had surgery. A lumpectomy and removal of the first lymph node. The surgeon got clear margins around the lump and the lymph node was clean!! I completed 33 sessions of radiation on March 25, 2015. I did get a rash all over the right breast. It was not sore. I had wonderful doctors and radiation technicians. My greatful thanks to all of them. They made the process so easy. I am also thankful for my family. Especially my daughter who came from Florida to be with me in NH for my surgery then putting up with us at her home in Florida while I had radiation!! On May 7 I had a follow-up mammogram done and it looks good. I have told all I speak to that they should not wait until they are 40 or more to have a mammogram done. Many young women get breast cancer. GET IT DONE EARLY! If I had not had mine done, I probably still would not know I had breast cancer and it would be much worse
Hillsborough, NH