Fighting till the end

My sister was diagnosed with breast cancer about 6 years ago. (Our Mother died at age 57 from breast cancer). She had a lumpectomy, 30 radiation treatments and was doing great for about 2 years. Then she had to have surgery for liver cancer (caused by her long-term bout with Hepatitis C). She got through that and then contracted Diabetes. She lost 30 pounds and changed her eating habits and was doing well. Through all of this she "kept on keeping on". Finally, last year in February she pased away due to a massive bacterial infection. Her immune system had been so compromised that she could no longer fight back and was gone in two weeks. She was only 71. During this period of time, she supported me in my battle with Stage 4 Colon Cancer. (I am in remission now). We must all support research for all types of Cancer, and someday we will overcome this terrible disease. Have your Mammograms yearly and "keep on keeping on".
Sally Pearce
Turlock, CA