Finding my lump was a total fluke

I really don't have a history of breast cancer in my family other than my cousin who is my age. Nothing for mother, grandmothers, aunts, sisters. Still I've been pretty good about keeping up with my mammograms - not always every 12 months - but no longer than 18 months a part (by the time I go to make the appt there is always a couple month wait.) I had my regular mammogram in September of 2006. It was normal. Around Thanksgiving my breasts were a litte more sore than normal. I am terrible about doing self checks. But since I was a little sore, I felt around while I was in the shower and I felt something about the size of a pea. Well I figured it was just lumpy breast tissue. After a couple of days of feeling this lump, I called my doctor. She said it was probably just lumpiness due to my cycle. I wasn't convinced, so I asked to have it checked out. The radiologist thought the spot looked a little suspicious but they couldn't get a good ultrasound picture as the lump was right underneath the nipple. I was referred to a surgeon just to check it out. He didn't think it was anything but since it was so near the surface decided to schedule an incisional biopsy. You know when you come home from work at 8 pm and there is a message from the surgeon asking you to call back that night, that something not so good is happening. Sure enough - a liitle bit of cancer. A lumpectomy followed by radiation and I'm 2 years cancer free! Feel those boobies and don't take no for an answer!
Susanne M Dahl
Aurora, IL