Getting on with life

I last posted almost a year ago, when my cancer came back for the third time. Since then I have had a double mastectomy, and am waiting for my gene testing to see if they want to do a hysterectomy. Guess what!!!!!! I am flat and fabulous!!!!!! A few extra lumps and bumps (dog ears).......BUT NO CANCER!!!!!! Oh I know it can still come back, but I live for now! Once Again ladies.....MAMMOGRAMS, MAMMOGRAMS, MAMMOGRAMS!!!!!! All three of mine were detected through my mammograms, and all three were small. Two were invasive, but luckily not in the lymph nodes. I live for my 4 children, 4 grandkids, wonderful husband, 2 dogs, and to share my experience with anyone who wants to listen, in the hopes it will help even one person.
Trenton, Canada