Give Us Hope - Help Us Cope

Cancer has darkened my doorstep many times. It's been nine years since I lost my dear friend Dennis to Bone Cancer. Then his Widow battled Breast Cancer - she's a Survivor! April 20, 2008 marks the day my 87 year old friend Bettie lost her battle. Breast Cancer was the first of many different forms of cancer she dealt with over the course of her long life, and she considered herself a Breast Cancer survivor. May 7, 2008 my husband, Roger, and I received his terminal diagnosis - Metastic Lung Cancer. He died July 10th - leaving me a Widow at 49. We'd been together since I was 19. It was late January 2009 when I received the news that the wife of a dear friend was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer. She's in treatment now, and we're trying to remain hopeful. So each and every click I make is dedicated to these - my loved ones. When I finally reach 200 clicks this month, I will feel like I've truly accomplished something. Love and Hugs - Jeaner
Crescent City, CA