Glad to be a Survivor

In 1961 my mother died of breast cancer aged 42. 37 yrs later after my 2nd mammogram a small mass was dicovered in my breast. This did not require treatment. At my next mammogram in 2002 another small lump was found. I then had an ultrasond scan and 3 needle bi-opsies to confirm that this time it was cancer. I had a lumpectomy and sentinal nodes removed. Fortunately the nodes were clear. I had grade 3 cancer. After consultation with the consutants I made an informed choice about my treatment. I opted not to have chemotherapy but did proceed with 26 radiotherapy treatments. I took Tamoxiphen for 4yrs. I then developed pre-cancer cells in my cervix and skin. These were successfully treated. I was then given a new cancer drug for 1yr. In 2006 I had a lump on my neck, which started alarm bells ringing. My GP fearing cancer, started me immediately on strong antibiotics and sent me for biopsies. 5 needle biopsies were taken and were, thankfully, cancer free. 6 wks later I danced at my sons wedding. In 2007 I was given the all clear. I do self examination and go for routine mammograms. Neither of the lumps that I have had could be detected by physical examination and were only discovered by having mammograms. I'm so grateful for this. Where would I be without them. I am also delighted to 'click' daily so that others may benefit as I have done. Keep up the good work.
Lyn Mason
Glasgow, United Kingdom