Go With Your Gut

You may have heard it before, "Go with your gut!" Well I am glad I did because before a doctor diagnosed me with breast cancer, I knew I had it. I found my lump in the summer of 2013 and scheduled an appointment to have a mammogram within weeks of finding it. If I did not do self exams, I would have waited till December when I go for my yearly, which waiting could have made the cancer progress farther in my body. After the mammogram, even thou they did not tell me it's cancer, I could see it in their face. They asked me to come back for a biopsy. The next day I received the call from the doctor that it was invasive ductal carcinoma (stage 2). WOW! Even thou I had the feeling it is still a shock at first, but as I had the gut feeling that I had cancer, I also had the gut feeling I was going to be OK. I did not dwell on it, I cried, wiped my tears and said lets do this. I am a single mother and my kids need me. I went through a double mastectomy, 16 rounds of chemo and weeks of radiation, which I completed in June of 2014. I am now cancer free because I listened to my gut instead of being afraid.
Canton, MI