God is good...all the time!

At age 52 I was diagnosed with breast Ca without metastasis, thus my choice was lumpectomy with radiation. I took Tamoxifin for 5 yrs. Following that I entered a double blind clinical trial for Femara. 2 yrs later I was diagnosed with my 2nd battle with this dreaded disease.(good points for Femara as I was taking the placebo). The treatment plan was mastectomy with chemotherapy. I am thankful for each day that I have been able to hug 4 more grandchildren since my original diagnosis. Please encourage your friends, daughters, all women to do self breast exams & get a annual mammogram; learn about women's health. Show them the Breast Cancer Site & the "click" to help others. Be a mentor to those with this diagnosis as they run their own race. No matter how long the race God is good....all the time!
Sherry Weaver
Mount Gilead, OH