God knows so listen!

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in right breast at the age of 45 on Sept. 5, 2007. Had 2 lumpectomies to remove the tumor. It was 1.5 cm and had 3 positive nodes. Left breast was ultra sounded 3 times to make sure there was no cancer and everything was clear. When I went to start chemo the oncologist kept feeling I should have an MRI. She fought with the decission because there was no medical reason for it and she wasn't sure how she would explain it to the insurance companies, but she was feeling very strong that I should have one. I know that was God whispering in her ear and I am so grateful she listened. It turned out that I did have cancer in the left breast that ALL 3 ultra sounds missed. My husband and I prayed about it and decided that I should have a bilateral mastectomy. I have to admit that I loved my breast, but not as much as having a life to spend with my family. My surgeon and oncologist are both women who both believe very much in lumpectomies to save the breasts instead of having mastectomies. When I told them of our decission neither of them hesitated. That confirmed to me it was the right one. I had my double mastectomy on Halloween 2007. Afterward it turned out I had a 1.7 cm tumor and 5 positive nodes. The kicker was there was also an additional 4mm tumor on the right side that hadn't shown up on anything. If we and the doctors had not listen to that little voice, GOD'S, I could have gone through the 4 months of chemo and 6 weeks of radiation only to die from the cancer that wasn't found.
Jenny Wilson
Hampton, VA