I canceled my mammogram appointment in December until Jan. I was tempted to move the appointment again but something said don't do that you have always gone faithfully every year, I was 58 at this time. I went for my mammogram in Jan 1998 they thought every thing was ok but I had two phone calls from my doctor to call them about my mammogram. I knew there was a problem as they had never called before when I had a mammogram. I went to see the doctor that afternoon and was told that the small bead like calcium had changed shape and I needed to see a surgeon to have a biopsy done. I went that week to see a lady surgeon my doctor recommended. The doctor told me she only did biopsies with surgery not needles. They did two more mammograms on me inserting a wire where the surgery needed to be done. The surgeon did a lumpectomy removing the area and while waiting for the report to come back the surgeon felt all under the breast and found a hard spot which was a tumor which was ready to burst, she removed the tumor (lumpectomy) After having seven weeks radiation I have been cancer free for ten years. My pastor told me it was ok not to want to die as God put us on earth to live not to die. I can tell you at the time I would have gladly given up a breast in order to have life. I thank God he has allowed me to be cancer free for all this time as I have had 3 precious grandchildren I would have never known.
Oklahoma City, OK