God's New Plan For Me: Giving Hope

I was a successful hairstylist for many years until March, 2013. I am familiar with back pain, but one particular day the pain was excruciating, so I went to the hospital hoping to find some relief. The medical staff ordered an MRI and returned with the news I have stage 4 breast cancer that metastasized in my bones and given only 2 months to live. Seeking treatment elsewhere, I found hope from an oncologist at the University of Colorado. There I endured almost a year of chemotherapy, once a week, 3 biopsies, and 3 rounds of radiation. I'm blessed to say 2 years later, I'm continuing to win the battle over cancer. I stay very active with various national and local cancer associations, go to the gym 5 days a week, and recently opened a new business, Wigs and Beyond. Due to all the treatments I've received and am still receiving, I have a full understanding of the effects of chemotherapy, hair loss, side effects. Besides finding the right headwear to boost a woman's confidence, I can offer encouragement, inspiration, and even hope. Also, if a woman is unable to leave her home or is not quite ready to go out, I offer in home services. We are locsted within a women's boutique along with a full time esthetician, providing a fun and caring atmosphere. Throughout the year we host Indulgence Nights, Fundraisers, and Special Events to help support our community and individuals. My goal isvto help women feel better about themselves and hopefully develop new friendships. I'm particularly thankful for your funding of mammograms and cancer research. I for one, am dependent on new treatments. Blessings to you all, Kathy Pride
Kathy Pride
Littleton, CO