Grandmas cancer

My Grandma found a lump in her breast in the early 1950's she went to her Doctor and he had trouble finding it and asked her where it was she showed him and then he couldn't figure out how he couldn't find it because it was as big as a Golf ball. He refereed her to the Doctor that developed the mastectomy surgery. The Doctor performed the surgery and told her he went deeper than he needed to in order to make sure he got all the Cancer. My Grandma was worried how she was going to provide for my Mom and my Uncle while she was laid up since my Grandfather died of a Heart Attack one year before. The Doctor told her not to worry he took care of the Hospital bill due to a widows fund he set up, and she would get money to take care of her and my Mom and my Uncle from the widows fund. The cancer never came back she ended up living another 46 years and died of Heart Disease at age 77.
Portland, OR