My grandma is 66 years old. 3 mths ago, my aunt came home from wk and found her laying on the floor of the living room, not responding. When she did come to, she was slurring her words and we knew something was wrong. She was rushed to the E-room where she was seen by the attending physicians who did all the normal tests. Her normal Dr was called and came to the hospital. She received 4 pints of blood that evening (that's how low the count of platelettes were), and was sent home the next day. He asked for a follow up as his office the next week. The next wk we took her to the follow up where they performed detailed bld work and said they would let us know the results. When the results returned, they referrred her to a hematologist oncologist. aplastic anemia-they said. The Dr then said that she would need to do another follow up bld test to monitor any change She received another 3 pints of blood. (7 in a month). She starting doing bi-weekly shots that they said would help her own bone marrow to produce it's own red blood cells, (now they say myleofibrosis). The Dr, after doing a lymp node biopsy-inconclusive, then doing a bone marrow biopsy which gave the sign and symptoms of the myleofibrosis, the results were then sent off for further testing in CA .The results returned from CA from the bone marrow biopsy that it was stage 4 breast cancer. She is curr. doing radiation on a tumor that was found in the hip joint and will continue until next week. She will then have the port put in approximatley a week later and then start what chemo they can to try to slow the progression.
Kristin Hailey
Houston, TX