Guess I'm one of the lucky ones

July 18th 2006, while in the shower, I felt a large (about the size of a walnut) lump in my left breast. I often wonder how I could have NOT felt it beforehand, but I didn't. (I had, had my mammogram in 2004, but skipped it in 2005...) A week later I had a needle biopsy. Everyone, including the surgeon, said that I didn't have cancer; that it was just a cyst. I believed them in the end. Then the fateful day came; August 8th when the doctor told me I had "Mucinous Carcinoma". The lump was so large; I had the choice of "waiting it out with treatments", or a mastectomy. I opted for the latter out of fear. I asked everyone I knew and those I didn't know to pray for me. I was terrified; not knowing if I was living or dying. It wasn't until I came to, after the surgery, did I find out that "they got it all". It wasn't in my lymph nodes or elsewhere. I closed my eyes and thanked all the angels here on earth and up above. This type of breast cancer they say, accounts for no more than 3% of all breast cancer diagnoses, and occurs more frequently in women in their 60's. I was 47 at the time. If I had to ask God for cancer; this was the best one to ask for...(The doctor told me this the day of my diagnosis). Guess I'm one of the lucky ones. And yes, I am blessed!!!
San Diego, CA